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We are a ministry that functions both as a community and activation center. Our mandate is to gather, send reach,train, equip,impart and activate. We believe in the five-fold ministry teams.

At the Apostolic Center Global we are dedicated to equip you for your place and destiny in the Kingdom of God .

We gather on Sundays at 1pm and Mondays at 7pm. Join on us on location or online.

Biography Apostle Prince Phillip Williams

Founder of “The Apostolic Center Global”

Apostle Prince Williams has been called, commissioned and sent by God to preach the gospel to the world. He is an anointed, passionate preacher, prophet, teacher and an apostle of the Lord. He has a unique gift of imparting the Word of God clearly, bringing many souls into the Kingdom of God and effecting spiritual change and growth in the lives of believers.

He is the founder of “The Apostolic Center Global ” (headquartered in The Netherlands) where he trains and equips church leaders in their gifts and talents.

Apostle Prince is a bold preacher who speaks the undiluted, unfiltered, unreserved word of God. He is anointed in the ministry of prayer, healing, deliverance, miracle and the prophetic.

He serves as spiritual father to many Pastors and Leaders across the world. He has been on missionary to countries such as: Jamaica, America, Europe, United Kingdom Suriname, Curaçao, Africa and Nepal.

He is husband to Terricka Williams and a father of four (4) children. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He later migrated to The  Netherlands at an early age where he has  been serving in ministry for the past 20 years; under the covering of Apostles Michael and Catherine Young.

He is a unique vessel in the body of Christ, ready to serve.

“We are committed
to equipping you
for your place and
destiny in the
Kingdom of God

Our meetings

The foundation aims to be a leading example in the Netherlands in developing a lasting solution to reducing poverty and getting the best out of each person.

Stichting Apostolic Center Hoorn

Apostolic Center Hoorn Foundation has set a number of goals from a Christian perspective. The focus will be on services aimed at the social needs and requirements of the municipality of Hoorn and surroundings. A spearhead in this is the reduction of poverty by setting up debt assistance / budget coaching.

Together to create a better
creating a better future
for as many
people as possible”

Policy Plan

The foundation has set a number of goals from a Christian point of view, however, the focus will be on services aimed at social needs and requirements of the municipality of Hoorn and surroundings.

A spearhead in this is the reduction of poverty through the establishment of debt relief / budget coaching. The foundation offers a total package through concrete help in three (problem) areas in a process namely:

  • Offering legal expertise

    To bring immediate order to acute financial and administrative problems

  • Offering counseling.

    Underlying the problems that arise is often a cause of mental problems

  • Offering coaching

    By professionals/experts by experience to develop or guide competencies to achieve client self-sufficiency (again)

Our missions

In addition, Apostolic Center Foundation has a number of (main) objectives :

  • Training and equipping Christian leaders
  • Raising up and building up apostolic leaders
  • Supporting evangelism and missionary work
  • Providing pastoral care
  • Charity in the form of sending/giving food items
  • Providing financial and/or material assistance from a perspective of Christian charity

Board of the foundation

Board of the foundation

President: Dhr. P.P. Williams
Treasurer: Dhr. D.A. Hensums
Secretary: Mevr. G.B.C. Angela

Compensation Policy

Board members of Apostolic Center Foundation perform their duties on a voluntary basis. They receive no remuneration for this. However, they are entitled to reimbursement of expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.

Volunteers of the Apostolic Center Foundation may receive a volunteer allowance in accordance with the rules of the tax authorities.


The foundation aims to obtain funds through:

  • contributions from those who sympathize with the purpose of the foundation
  • contributions from those in whose interest the foundation is working
  • subsidies
  • inheritances and gifts
  • proceeds of activities of the foundation, and
  • all other revenues.

The foundation thus builds up assets to be able to support itself.

ANBI Status

You can support Apostolic Center Foundation by making a one-time or periodic donation.

Apostolic Center Foundation has ANBI status, which means that we are registered with the tax authorities as an Institution for General Benefit.

This gives you a tax advantage when you make a donation.

Annual Results

Apostolic Center Foundation has been in existence since December 2019. For this reason, annual figures are not yet known. As soon as these are known we will also publish them on our website.

“There is still so much good work to be done for our fellow human beings. With your contribution we will a step further together


“But my God, according to His riches, will provide you with everything you need, in glory, through Christ Jesus.”


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Apostolic Center Global in Hoorn


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