Would you like to become PARTNER to the vision and mission of APOSTOLIC CENTER GLOBAL?

Dear Philippians, after all, you remember well that at the beginning of my work in spreading the good news, you were the only congregation that regularly sent me a gift after I left your region, Macedonia. Even when I was in Thessalonica, you sent something to help me twice more. Now I am not concerned with the gift in itself, but rather with your good work through which your heavenly reward is increasing. I have received the entire gift and currently have more than enough. For now I am not short of anything now that Epaphroditus has handed me your gifts. They are a fragrant offering, pleasing to God. My God, out of His riches in Christ Jesus, will give you everything you need. All glory be to God our Father forever and ever. Amen.


Partners are an absolute blessing from God within His Kingdom to set people and ministries free in their calling through financial support. That support enables them to carry out what God has called and sent them to do. By becoming a partner, you demonstrate your faith in the power of ministry.

For Apostolic Center Global, then, you are a helper in the vision and mission and thus a participant in the work God gives us.

“We verwelkomen
u heel graag als